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Recogida local gratuita en 600 Bronner Brothers Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, Estados Unidos.

Tarifa plana a través de USPS dependiendo del peso ... $ 5.40, $ 8.40, $ 15.05.

Envío gratis para pedidos de $ 75 o más.

Los pedidos se procesarán y enviarán dentro de los 4 a 7 días de envío de EE. UU.

Envío internacional estimado de 7 a 21 días con tarifas internacionales de USPS Devoluciones - Sin embargo, debido a la naturaleza de los productos, no existe una política de devolución. En cuanto a los cinturones, una vez que el paquete no esté abierto, aceptaremos devoluciones. Póngase en contacto con si tiene alguna pregunta sobre su envío.


Actualmente no estamos haciendo devoluciones o cambios debido a la naturaleza de nuestros productos, con la excepción de las cuentas de la cintura. Puede devolver o cambiar las cuentas de la cintura si el paquete no está abierto dentro de los 30 días posteriores a la recepción del producto. Incient Roots no cubrirá la tarifa de envío de devolución. Póngase en contacto con si tiene alguna pregunta sobre devoluciones.

    YONI is a Sanskrit word with various meanings such as "womb, vulva, vagina; place of birth, source, etc!!! It's a WOMAN'S Divine powerful place that birth's life!!!!
  • Are there any harmful chemicals in your products?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT?! I have a super strict cruelty free policy! All handmade products are free of all the Nasties & skin irritants! No synthetic colors, fragrances or anything you can't spell! We only use pure and powerful plant based oils, teas, and extracts to promote healthy fresh skin!
  • Do you have samples available?
    From time to time I do have samples available! I encourage you to sign up for the email list to have early access to products!
  • I have sensitive skin can I use your products?
    We are very pleased to say that you absolutely can! It's packed full of soothing, calming anti inflammatory botanical herbs and oils for delicate and sensitive skin! We always suggest performing a patch test on hidden skin first if you have concerns.
  • I have eczema can I use your products?
    Eczema triggers are different for everyone so it's hard to say using our product won't cause a flare up. However we have had great results from customers prone to eczema. Always perform patch test on hidden skin if you have concerns.
  • Do you ship as gifts?
    Most definitely! Incient Roots products makes the perfect gift! Just put (Gift) in the comments with correct shipping address for recipient!
  • What if a product is out of stock?
    When you sign up on the email list we will notify you when it’s back on the shelves!
  • Can I cancel / change my order? Yes!
    Please email with your order details. Doing this as quickly as possible gives us a greater chance of fixing the issue before shipping!
  • What's the shelf life?
    Unopened products will last up to 12 months in a cool atmosphere.
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