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Entering the year 2000, Sistah Dee took on the new millennium as both a mother and a top salesperson earning high-end commissions, and at that time began honing her interests in entrepreneurship. By 2006, she ventured into more social enterprises as a professional bartender and hostess for hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, internationally. It was in these arenas that her understanding of consumer and community needs grew, as did her participation in organizations such as Soul Jumpers Double Dutch League, a 501c3 non-profit. There, as a board member from 2010-20112, she assisted with acquiring their first grant and getting them to championship level. It was there that she also learned much about building up from the grassroots level into a mainstream venture. That same year, she began teaching agriculture at Pearl Academy, a K-12 private school in Atlanta until 2012, when she began the Truly Living Well Agriculture course to further engage in that craft full-time.

          Thereafter, she partnered with Georgia Organics, Habesha, & Women in Agricultural Association as a member. After gaining a Medical Marijuana license, she started growing medical herbs and by 2013, had installed an urban garden on a medicinal farm. The following year, she officially launched Incient Roots, LLC. Utilizing all of the savvy she’d gained as a top saleswoman, an international hostess, and from her deep love of wild-crafting herbs and farming for healing; her business grew with over an 80k profit after its launch. With products ranging from what heals on the inside to what illuminates the body on the outside, Incient Roots has consistently expanded each quarter with goods and services appealing to a fast-growing base.


           The popularity of the brand’s product line is apparent at live vending events such as the Black Hair Show, Organic Fest, Bob Marley Fest, Juneteenth, Fela Kuti Celebration, Spirit Dance Atl, MLK day, Malcolm X Fest, and more, worldwide. From 2015 on, Sistah Dee has regularly visited Africa and built a transcontinental base to buy and sell quality, Sovereign-free goods. In Ghana, she attended Reggae Artist, Luciano’s initiation at the king’s palace, where she professionally networked and established solid relationships with other progressive entrepreneurs from around the world.


            Testimonials of clients who have benefited from Sistah Dee’s holistic herbs and wellness coaching includes accounts of healing from the womb, to rejuvenated diets, as well as skin and hair transformations, and more. As a spokesperson for health and agricultural renewal, she has been an acclaimed presenter for Tassili Wizards of Raw event in Atlanta, and in 2016, she taught and installed a garden at the Virgin Islands Montessori School & Peter Gruber International Academy.


              In the media and public recognition, Sistah Dee has been featured on WRFG Radio in Atlanta, interviewed with INI radio, and won the 2016 Hustler Of The Year Award. She is renowned for her medicinal dinner party's where DJs and vendors join organic feasting for a night of informative and festive gathering. Starting 2017-2018, she began her international travels including trips to Amsterdam, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and various Caribbean Islands to further her brand and clientele. This led to a subsequent move out of the country in 2019, which gave her more opportunities to explore healing herbs and techniques collected globally. She currently hosts retreats in the Dominican Republic as she relaunches Incient Roots as an international brand.


Tel: 678-902-NJOY 

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