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Yoni Bath Tea! (5 large tea bags)

Yoni Bath Tea! (5 large tea bags)

SKU: IR-228-1102
This can be used as a Yoni Steam, Yoni Herbal Bath, or consumed as Tea! Five Large Tea Bags! This blend is a special mix of the PYT and FLW blends!  *Not recommend if you are pregnant. FOR TEA BATH USE -Use more hot water than normal to activate the herbs for your herbal bath,  or boil water first, let tea bag soak in water, then pour into your bath water! HOW TO YONI STEAM! Here’s what you’ll need: 💛A toilet 💛A Yoni Steam seat. (FROM INCIENT ROOTS OF COURSE!) 💛A Yoni Steam Gown or large towel or blanket (FROM INCIENT ROOTS OF COURSE!) 💛Yoni Steam Herbs. (FROM INCIENT ROOTS OF COURSE!) To turn your toilet into a throne: 💛You’ll first want to give your toilet bowl and seat a good scrub. You’ll be able to sink into bliss knowing that you’re seated on a clean porcelain throne. 💛Boil your 4 cups of purified or distilled water. 💛Get a fistful of herbs. 💛Put herbs into bowl and crunch up the herbs with fingers to ACTIVATE its potency. 💛 Carefully pour hot water into Yoni seat and allow to cool for 5 minutes. 💛Sit down on your toilet as you normally would with seat attached. Please be careful and notice if the steam feels too hot. If so, open your legs or stand up to allow the water to cool. 💛NJOY your Yoni Steam Ritual! The Toilet Throne is easy, comfortable and accessible to most, although it does have two main draw backs. For one, you might not feel that sexy and goddess-like sitting on a toilet. This is a big one because…well… you’re supposed to feel like a goddess when you steam! The second is that the steam can actually be a little too hot when you’re so close to it. That’s why allowing the water to cool for 5 minutes is crucial for this method, as is knowing when the steam feels too hot for your skin. When it does, be sure to move away. Suggestions: Steam 1-3 times per month. Use 1/4 cup of herb blend and 4 cups of water. Steam between 20-30 minutes.
DISCLOSURE: INCIENT ROOTS and it's affiliates are not "medical professionals"nor do we claim to be! All information is based on personal experiences and have not been medically declared a cure for any medical conditions. We recommend consulting with a medical physician prior to use, if you have any questions or concerns.
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